Frequently Asked Questions!

  1. Can you send me a PDF/docx with all of the solutions?
  2. I have a bunch of solved problems typed up. Will you post them on PCP?

  1. Can you send me a PDF/docx with all of the solutions?

    Short Answer: No.

    Long Answer: Thanks to the wizardry of WordPress, each post on this blog is generated on the fly from a source document containing a mixture of HTML and LaTeX markup. It is entirely feasible that I could massage this into a bunch of LaTeX documents, suitable for compilation into a PDF. It is even feasible that this process could be automated, so that keeping it up-to-date is not a problem. So when I say “no” to requests for a PDF version of PCP, it isn’t just because I don’t have one (which I don’t) or because I don’t want to make one (it would make an interesting programming project).

    I say “no” to these requests because a static document completely defeats the purpose of the blog format! See, at the end of each post there is a little box labeled “Leave a Reply”. That box is where people get to tell me I screwed up, or give a vastly simpler and more elegant proof, or point out a connection with topic X, or post shady advertisements for ED pills, or whatever. Actually the pill ads get deleted. But the point is that the blog is interactive – less so than a wiki or forum, but more so than a book. The ability to post comments is by far the most important feature of this site, in my not-so-humble opinion. A PDF would lose all of that, and a printed version would lose all of that plus any remaining semblance of hypertext.

    Grumpy Answer: What would be the use of a PDF version? If you read it on a computer, you probably have internet access, in which case you might as well just view it online. Printed out it would surely run to hundreds of pages, which would be a complete waste.

  2. I have a bunch of solved problems typed up. Will you post them on PCP?

    Sorry – I am not really interested in having a second author on this blog for the foreseeable future. However! With minimal effort, you too can make a blog just like this one (or even better) and publish them there. I will even link to it if you would like. All you need is a WordPress.com account (which is free) and some knowledge of HTML and LaTeX. I am happy to assist if you have questions.


  • Andrade  On August 18, 2013 at 8:34 pm

    Love this Blog!

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