Any field containing the nth roots of unity for odd n also contains the 2nth roots of unity

Let F be a field over which x^n-1 splits where n is odd. Show that x^{2n}-1 also splits over F.

Note that x^{2n}-1 = (x^n)^2-1 = (x^n+1)(x^n-1).

Since n is odd, if \zeta is a root of x^n-1, then (-\zeta)^n+1 = -\zeta^n+1 = 0. That is, the roots of x^n+1 are precisely the negatives of the roots of x^n-1 (note that these are all distinct, since the derivative of x^n-1 has no nonzero roots). So any field containing the roots of x^n-1 also contains the roots of x^{2n}-1.

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