Exhibit a quadratic field as a field of matrices

Let K = \mathbb{Q}(\sqrt{D}), where D is a squarefree integer. Let \alpha = a+b\sqrt{D} be in K, and consider the basis B = \{1,\sqrt{D}\} of K over \mathbb{Q}. Compute the matrix of the \mathbb{Q}-linear transformation ‘multiplication by \alpha‘ (described previously) with respect to B. Give an explicit embedding of \mathbb{Q}(\sqrt{D}) in the ring \mathsf{Mat}_2(\mathbb{Q}).

We have \varphi_\alpha(1) = a+b\sqrt{D} and \varphi(\alpha)(\sqrt{D}) = bD + a\sqrt{D}. Making these the columns of a matrix M_\alpha, we have M_\alpha = \begin{bmatrix} a & bD \\ b & a \end{bmatrix}, and this is the matrix of \varphi_\alpha with respect to B. As we showed in the exercise linked above, \alpha \mapsto M_\alpha is an embedding of K in \mathsf{Mat}_2(\mathbb{Q}).

Compare to this previous exercise about \mathbb{Z}[\sqrt{D}].

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